ONAM 2014 Program Registration

This year Onam will be celebrated by SARGAM on September 20th, 2014. And the venue for this event is Inderkum High School, 2500 New Market Dr, Sacramento, CA.

The concept of Onam is filled with nostalgia and also a solid expectation of a class-less human society. In an effort to bring these memories back to our mind, SARGAM is looking forward to put together some amazing talents and art forms before the community with your support!! We will showcase to the world that the Sacramento Malayalees know how to celebrate and re- live the real importance of this festival that preaches Equality to All!!

This year SRAGAM committee is coming up a theme based Onam program that will showcase the Art Forms of Kerala. Kerala, the God’s Own Country has its own importance in the history of India. We request the members to put together programs that reflect the rich culture of our state. Some of the suggestions are Puli Kali, Thiruvathira, Mohiniyattam, Kerala Nadanam, Bharatanatyam, Semi-classical, Folk Dance (Nadodi), Theyyam, Ottanthullal, Skit, Maargam Kali, Oppana/ Daffu muttu, Kol Kali, Kalari Payattu, Kavitha drishyavishkaranam, Naadan pattu, Vanchi pattu, Koithu pattu, Onam pattu are a few to mention.

We are also targeting to limit the duration of the stage program to 3.5 hrs. Members are encouraged to submit programs that fits into this theme of Kerala Art Forms. Also, the participation is limited to one program per person.
Note that if any member wishes to submit programs that do not fit into theme, they will be provided timeslots outside of the theme program.

Also, once we receive programs that will fill the 3.5 hrs time slot, we will close the application to submit the programs. The last day for the submission of the program is 8/20/2014 or when we receive programs for 3.5 hrs, whichever comes first.

To make the event fun, entertaining and a great success, the committee has to implement deadlines and rules. Please read more to see the details of the deadlines and rules set up by the committee.
Below is the link to the entry form.


Please read the following instructions carefully:
1. Onam celebration event is on September 20st, 2014. Lunch will be served before the cultural programs.
2. Event duration: Not to exceed 3.5 hours
3. Deadline for submitting program entries: August 20th, 2014 or duration of programs submitted is 3.5 hrs, whichever comes first.
4. All participants must be current SARGAM members. Participants may become members as late as the day of the program submission. Any programs featuring non-SARGAM members will be dropped.
5. Primary Contact person must verify and confirm that their participants are current SARGAM members. (If you have questions about the membership status of your participants, please email core@sargam.us
6. A participant will be restricted to take part in a maximum of 1 program only. Application is on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage presenting more group programs to keep the spirit of the participants and the audiences alike.
7. To encourage novelty, we have to make sure the songs are not repeatedunless it is part of a medley or fusion. Songs maybe chosen on a first submitted first selected basis.
8. Only Malayalam songs will be allowed in this event.
9. Please limit the program duration to a maximum of 5 minutes. Any program exceeding 5 minutes will need pre-approval from the cultural committee.
10. Deadline for submitting audio tracks: August 27th, 2014.
11. Email Audio tracks to sargamtracks@gmail.com in the MP3 format only. The audio track that you submit will be used to play in the auditorium. To ensure a good quality audio please check the quality of your track before submission. SARGAM committee will not be responsible for any kind of modification of the audio you submit, like, editing, converting or cleaning.
12. If any program requires usage of props, then the coordinator of the program must take full responsibility of the set up before the event and clean up after the event. The coordinator must ensure that the set up supports a safe and secure environment for their event and the subsequent events.
13. We would also like to encourage participation in the Pookalam competition. You may register for the Pookalam competition through this form as well.

We look forward to your support and active participation to this year’s Onam celebration.

We would like to invite you, your family and guests to attend, participate and help make this event a grant success.

If you have any questions please email us at program@sargam.us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.