SARGAM is excited to announce an Art and Photography competition which will be held on Saturday, November 20th 2021 via Zoom.

We would like to invite each one of you to participate and showcase your art and photography talent from the comfort of your home. In the context of the tough times that all of us are going through, this is a great opportunity for everyone to delve into the productive and creative world of art instead!

The art competition will be judged real time via Zoom in order to stay compliant with the COVID-19 protocols. The photography competition will require early submission of photographs for judging and the corresponding dates for submission are included in the rules. Results of both competitions will be announced real time in Zoom on the same day.

Rules and registration details are on the link below :

Pls click the link:https://form.jotform.com/212994393028160

ART Judges

Dipna Joshil

About Dipna on her own words: “Though I started my career as a software engineer,my calling has always been art. I was lured back into art when we moved to Bay Area. It gave me opportunities to reconnect with my inner self. Being born in an artistic family, art has always been a part of my life. I had all the privileges to experiment with different art forms right from a very young age. Art was my meditation and medium to express my thoughts and feelings ever since.”

Dipna likes to work with mediums such as acrylic, oil painting, watercolor, color pencil and charcoal. She continues to express her creativity through event decors with personalized themes as well.

For the past 8 years, Dipna has been teaching art to various age groups thus sharing her knowledge with them. Dipna had also been part of judging panels for many art competitions in and around bay area.

Neha Dadhich

Neha was born and raised in Rajasthan India. She achieved her master’s degree in Visual Arts and completed a Ph.D. degree in Folk Arts from MLSU Udaipur. She has been working actively in fine arts field for 16 years and exhibiting her paintings in numerous shows in addition to attending art residency programs.

The bright and vibrant colors and simplicity of the folk-art Styles of Rajasthan have had a huge impact on her art. Her style is in between expressionism and surrealism. She mainly paints in the acrylic medium, uses pure and bright colors tones which infuse simplicity and accuracy into her paintings, to communicate the sentiments, feelings, and behavior of the characters more effectively.

“My art is a poetic message of the importance of universal love. The purpose of my art is to present the importance of relationships to us, humans. My inspiration is "immortal relationships" - we are deeply connected to other human beings, nature, and animals. The interconnecting relationships are the basis of human life, shaping our society. My art is an effort at preserving and understanding these relationships which are essential to us.

With the experience in teaching Visual Arts at the college level, Neha has written articles on Visual Arts which have been published in art magazines. After moving to USA 5 years ago, Neha has been practicing as a freelance artist and has joined local art groups to promote arts in society. She loves to travel and goes for hiking with her family.

Libin Babu

Libin is an artist based out from Long Island, NY. He has done art exhibitions in multiple locations in New York. Libin’s last series was on Black History month- "Black Light".

Libin has developed a new style for painting portraits called "Particllism". Faces painted on the Large canvas gets realistic and amazingly detailed depiction through the application of this technique.

Libin is currently working as a Mechanical Engineer.

Photography Judges

Anup Kumar

Anup Kumar grew up in Kerala (India), also known as “God’s Own Country”. Anup discovered the world of photography as he travelled exploring India’s widespread culture & diversity. His career combines extensive experience in the short-films, photography, advertising and marketing sectors

Anup is also a photography critic, independent curator, lead UI-UX/product designer in a Florida based firm. His main focus is to compile and produce compelling photographic content for the online and marketing media. He has won the Silver Award for a documentary film (HUMANITARIANISM) by California Film Awards in 2016.

Anup has been contributing to an array of editorial, commercial photography, photo editing, including taking up cultural projects, and creative assignments for a variety of clients. In particular he is very proud of the music video and album cover projects he did for many known rappers in Atlanta.

Pratheesh Abraham

A renowned scriptwriter and a highly talented visual media director from Sacramento, California. He has penned and directed many short films in both Malayalam and Tamil languages. He is the director, scriptwriter, and cinematographer for the short film "John", the first short film in Malayalam that was screened in a theater in Bay area. He is also the director and scriptwriter of "Oru Niram (The color of darkness)", that won the Best Film award in 'Soul for Reel' film festival in Maryland. His thought provoking subjects, script writing style and visual representation of subjects and topics has inspired many.

Jojan T Antony

Jojan is a software engineer by profession, passionate about photography

He has been concentrating on portrait photography for some time.

Jojan has worked as DOP for “Vedanti”, a Kannada film, “Mom”, “Changampuzha Park” - Malayalam short films by Sargavedi, San Francisco, “A Stranger Within” - Malayalam short film by Shemy’s Creations.

He got opportunity to work with director Vinod Krishna (director of Elam - Malayalam film) as the DOP for the Music Video - “California Blooms”

Jojan also worked as Still Photographer with Pratheesh Abraham for a couple of his short films and other photo/video projects. We are excited to have both of them in our Judge panel for the photography competition.

For any questions, please contact:

Eldhose P.G – (904) 483-1679

Saji Mathew- (916) 992-3120

Jijo Joy- (904) 804-7176

You can also reach us via email at art@sargam.us.